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Akshara Reddy,

Rider University, 


“Sunita Ma'am has been very helpful. She made the whole process very easy, from explaining everything about the university to the admissions and the visa process. She even came to visit us at the University, once our admission was complete.”

Dhanush Reddy,

Rider University, 


“I really thank Sunita Ma'am for helping me get into this university in the USA from the application to the visa. She helped me step by step through the entire process."

Vamshi Vavilla
Northern Arizona University,


"I thank Sunita Ma'am for helping me get to USA. Her counselling sessions, application process and visa application were all a cake walk ."

Barkat Jiwani

Vaagdevi college of engineering

Telangana, India

“Mrs, Sunita has successfully  given seminars and counseling sessions to over 300 students of our college.We really appreciate her service and look forward to her guiding our students to the right path.”

Dr. Vilas Nitnaware

K C College of Engineering and Management Studies and research

Mumbai, India.

"Mrs. Sunita Kotamarthi has succesfully given seminars, webinars and counseling sessions to more than 400 sessions. She made it possible for a foreign delegate from a reputed university to visit our campus whom we could tie up with ."

Dr. Divya Nalla

Nalla Malla Reddy Engineering college 

Hyderabad, India.

“Mrs. Sunita has initiated collaborations for NMREC with international universities for which NMREC shall be very thankful. The collaborations initiated by her have led to a 2+2 program with a university in the United States.”
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